TTB Coming to Vermont

On June 6, TTB plays Ben & Jerry’s Concerts on The Green at Shelburne Museum in Vermont, and since it’s not every day we get to play a show put on by our favorite ice cream company, we thought we’d have some fun with it. If Ben & Jerry’s ever made a TTB ice cream flavor, what should it be called and why? (We’ll get it started with Coffee Burbridge, and also Come See About Peas.) Visit TTB's Facebook page or Twitter account to submit your flavor suggestions. The best flavor suggestion gets a 2014 tour poster signed by Derek and Susan. Keep in mind this is a hypothetical exercise and no actual ice cream will be produced as a result of this discussion, although you’re free to eat ice cream while you think of name suggestions. Good luck to all, and we’ll see you at Shelburne Museum on June 6.