"They Don't Shine" Play-Along Project

If you're like us, the best way to pass the time while staying home is with an instrument in your hands. With that in mind, here's a little number to play along with and if you're up for it, share your playing and your spin on our tune by posting, tagging @derekandsusan and using the hashtag #JamWithTTB. 

"They Don't Shine" from TTB's latest album SIGNS (haven't heard SIGNS? No better time than the present: get it from the TTB Store, Amazon or iTunes today!) is a punchy country-tinged number with Susan tasteful flourishes from Derek throughout, plus a mega-catchy refrain and the singers and horns chiming in at all the right times. With the tracks below (and the lyric and chord sheet at the bottom of the page) go ahead and add some tasteful and sweet guitar or keyboard lines, step up to the mic and sing your heart out, or lay down a solid foundation for the band on bass or drums. 

Click the top right corner of the player to download the tracks and then, go wild! Have fun, share your creations and we'll put out some other tunes for your jamming pleasure soon:

They Don't Shine -- Chords + Lyrics