On two idyllic Southern California nights, in the midst of a West Coast run that found the band in fine form on a nightly basis, TTB hit the stage at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and delivered two performances for the ages. With their newer material from Signs now stage-tested and reaching new evolutions, and fresh off a national TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, these sets offer the full range of TTB’s countrified soul, with all instruments and voices singing in all the right ways to make the LA run one of the musical highlights of 2019. 

An energetic start yields elegantly to a more mellow stretch of “Don’t Drift Away” and “Somebody Pick Up My Pieces,” a quiet but powerful ballad met with pin-drop reverence by the audience. The build and release of “Idle Wind” is one of the more potent expressions of TTB’s group musicality and this version is as strong and deep as any. The second set trio of “Shame,” “Midnight In Harlem” and “Get Out My Life Woman” is a 40 minute journey to the moon and back with a crash landing horn free-for-all “Show Me” and amp-melting “Made Up Mind” providing a double exclamation point on a superlative show. 

Live From The Swamp, Vol. 5 was selected for release by a listening committee after feedback from band members and crew. The download is produced from the original 64-track soundboard recording by Bobby Tis and Brian Speiser, and mixed and mastered for release by Jesse Lauter. Live From The Swamp, Vol. 5 is available exclusively for Swamp Family Fan Club members. 

Members can find their code to download the show on the member home page. Click here to sign up for the Swamp Family and get instant access to download this concert.
  1. Do I Look Worried

  2. Part Of Me

  3. Don't Drift Away

  4. Somebody Pick Up My Pieces

  5. High & Mighty

  6. Down In The Flood

  7. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

  8. The Sky Is Crying

  9. Idle Wind

  10. I'm Gonna Be There

  11. Signs, High Times

  12. Lord Protect My Child

  13. Don't Keep Me Wondering

  14. Shame

  15. Midnight In Harlem

  16. Get Out My Life Woman

  17. Show Me

  18. Made Up Mind