The 2017 Wheels Of Soul Tour was a special lineup of bands, with rock legends Hot Tuna starting the night and TTB's dear friends and frequent collaborators The Wood Brothers taking the second slot. The caravan of buses arrived at the fabled Red Rocks Amphitheatre for a two-night tour finale and both shows turned out to be all-timers. While too many guests can sometimes derail the flow of a set, there was a deep comfort level between every musician on stage by this point in the tour, and the extra hands only elevated TTB to rare heights. The middle portion of the show features an extended guest spot by John Medeski, whose organ intertwines beautifully with Derek's rhythmic counterpoint on "Bound For Glory" and gives "Let Me Get By" a buoyancy that left the sold-out crowd shouting for more. 

Live From The Swamp, Vol. 3 was selected for release by a listening committee after feedback from band members and crew. The download was produced from the original 64-track soundboard recording by Bobby Tis and Brian Speiser, and mixed and mastered for release by Jesse Lauter.

Live From The Swamp, Vol. 3 is available for purchase in multiple formats via

  1. Don't Know What It Means

  2. Keep On Growing

  3. Midnight In Harlem

  4. Made Up Mind

  5. 3/5ths Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (with Hot Tuna)

  6. Bound For Glory (with John Medeski)

  7. Leavin' Trunk (with John Medeski)

  8. Volunteered Slavery (with John Medeski)

  9. Ali (with John Medeski)

  10. Drums

  11. Let Me Get By (with John Medeski)

  12. Angel From Montgomery>Sugaree

  13. How Blue Can You Get?

  14. I Want More

  15. Get What You Deserve

  16. Let Me Roll It (with The Wood Brothers)

  17. I Wish I Know How It Would Feel To Be Free