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Dec 01

Susan has another chance to finally get one. But Warren is in there too. And Gregg got in with a cover album.

Category 45
Best Blues Album
For albums containing at least 51% playing time of new vocal or
instrumental blues recordings.
Gregg Allman
Marcia Ball
Warren Haynes
[Stax Records]
Keb Mo
[Yolabelle International/Ryko Records]
Tedeschi Trucks Band

Replies (5)

Man in Motion was a soul record, why is it in this category...?

cause the grammies are dumb....

it would be great if TTB won a grammy....grammy, grammy, grammy:-)

I saw Gregg Allman in January 2011 introducing Low Country Blue, Warren's band in Richmond, Va doing Man in Motion last month and Tedeschi Trucks four times and would have gone 50 if I could. My vote is for Tedeshi Trucks, I just can't help it. They are that good. I can only hope the DVD, the Live album and another tour comes quickly. They make my Spirit jump, shout and kick my essence What a band.

In addition: Lucinda Williams' record, Blessed, is up for a grammy and it is poignant and soulful to me as anything possible. She is one of the few song writers doing anti-war songs. We all need to take a stand and do it now. Hersong "Cpenhagen" just did me in. I wept for all of those I have lost in this life the first time I heard it. And then I thought about the line, ". . .comprehend the expansiveness of what I've just heard . . " I went to went to several musical evenings after hearing her wordsand that just fit exactly; one eing the Jimmy Herring Band.--still can't talk about it, only think intensely about it.. And that's all I have to say about that. CarlaLilley

The venue is very small, nice, & nice sound/acoustics. I like it. Two and half years ago I went <a href="">SK0-003</a> when the DTB played two(2) nights at the McGlohon during Thanksgiving weekend(I believe that I talked to you there Littlewing during intermission at least one of the nights, <a href="">SK0-003 examcollection</a> Friday I think) for about the cost of one(1) night of DT & ST Band now.

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